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Refund Policy

Learn about our refund policy

  • Intending students, parents, sponsors and every applicant are advised to browse through our site for basic
    information and make enquiries, by calls or emails for answers, satisfactory counsel/guide before enrolling
    for any programme.
  • Completing and submission of Applications forms means that you have decided to study with us and agree
    with these policies.
  • There is no refund of application and administrative fees paid.
  • 80% is refunded on tuition paid if the student requests to discontinue the programme within the first five
    days of payment (weekends inclusive).
  • There will be no refund of tuition after 5 days of payment.
  • Tuition is refundable in the event of total visa denial (2 attempts). This will follow time frame for processing. This clause is only applicable if there is no visa ban for the student or his/her nationality, and if GAU has applied for the visa (upon visa fee payment by the student). There is no refund of tuition fees on account of visa ban issues, where/if the student has started studying online or by any means advised and accepted by the student. Visa fee is different/not inclusive in school/study fees. It will be charged separately and should be paid by any student who desires to travel.
  • Change of programme: Should student decide to change a programme within 14 working days of study, subject to approval, the difference will be refunded less 20% within 60 working days.