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Full / Part Time / Weekend / Evening & Online Programme delivery


Interested applicants may apply to study any of our courses below, and complete the course with us or transfer abroad for graduation.

  • Sessions schedule will be provided upon successful registration; depending on the course and method of delivery.
  •  Other details will be made available upon enrollment
  • B.Sc Business Management & BBA are same things. Any may be awarded upon successful completion of the programme, as per system





$6000 / AED 22, 000 (per year)



$8000 / AED 29, 000 (per year)



$13, 500 / AED 50, 000 (per year)

Language Course (English)


$1000 / AED 3, 660

Additional Payments:

Application Fee: $500 / AED 1800


Enroll now with 5 easy steps:

  •  Apply through info@gau-ed.org or consult our Admission Team
  •  Submit all required documents
  •  Pay Application of $500 / AED 1800 (Non Refundable)
  •  Sign Student Agreement
  •  Accept Admission Offer

Documents to be submitted:

  • Copy of valid international passport (with at least 6 months validity)
  •  School or Degree Certificates (English Efficiency Cert or English course may be required)
  •  Completed Application Form (Additional documents may be required from Post-Grad Applicants)

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For Admissions, Please Contact Us Today.

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 info@gau-ed.org gau-ed.org

Gulf American University is registered, licensed & regulated under Creative City Free Zone, Government of Fujairah, UAE & approved to provide all categories of training. In Association with Girne American University, Cyprus, West Coast University, Panama/USA & Medical Career Academy, UK.


Gulf American University offers a comprehensive suite of Business and Management programs designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for success in today’s dynamic professional landscape. Our offerings include a B.Sc in Business Management (BBA) with various specializations, along with degrees in IT, Hotel Management, and Travels & Tourism. For those seeking advanced education, we provide MBA/EMBA Top-Up programs with specializations, as well as DBA/PhD options in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Project Management, and Modern Entrepreneurship.

  • B.Sc Bus Mgt (BBA) – with Specializations  B.Sc in IT
  • B.A Hotel Management
  • B.A Travels & Tourism
  • MBA/EMBA Top-Up (with Specializations)
  • DBA/PhD (with Specializations)
  • Ph.D in Finance / Accounting
  • Ph.D in Marketing 
  • Ph.D in Project Management
  • Ph.D in Modern Entrepreneurship
  • Research/Post-Doctorates (with Specializations)

Gulf American University is proud to offer a comprehensive array of Law Programs designed to cultivate the legal minds of tomorrow. Our LLB program provides a solid foundation in legal principles and practices, preparing students for entry into the legal profession. For those seeking advanced study, our LLM program offers specialized coursework in various areas of law, allowing students to deepen their understanding and expertise in specific legal disciplines. Additionally, our Ph.D. in Law program provides a rigorous research-focused curriculum for those aspiring to contribute to the field through scholarly inquiry and academic leadership. With a commitment to excellence in legal education, Gulf American University prepares students to navigate complex legal landscapes and drive positive change in society.

  • LLB
  • LLM
  • Ph.D (Law)

Gulf American University offers comprehensive Health Care Programs designed to prepare students for successful careers in healthcare. Our 18-monthPre-Med pathway serves as a stepping stone to a 4-year MBBS/MD degree, providing a solid foundation for aspiring doctors. Additionally, we offer 12-month RN to BSN,B.Public Health, and BioMedical Engineering,etc; tailored to provide essential/professional skills and knowledge for specific healthcare professions. With a focus on practical training and theoretical understanding, our programs ensure graduates are well-equipped to excel in their chosen fields and make meaningful contributions to the healthcare industry; run partly in UAE & abroad, and awarded by reputable universities in Europe, USA, S/America & Caribbean.

  • 18 months Pre-Med Programme (Pathway to 4-year MBBS/MD)  
  • 12 Months RN to BSN
  • 3 YearsB.Sc Health Sciences Programme3 Years B.Public Health)
  • 1 Year MPHPh.D in Health Science, Nursing, Public Health

Gulf American University offers a diverse range of Engineering & Architecture Programs, including B.Eng, M.Eng with specializations, providing advanced training in various engineering disciplines. Our Ph.D in Engineering& Architecture programs offer a seamless pathway to doctoral degrees with specialized focuses in civil, electrical, mechanical engineering, and more. With a commitment to innovation and practical application, our programs prepare engineers to address complex challenges and drive technological advancements forward.

  • B.Eng
  • M.Eng (Specialization) 
  • Eng/Ph.D (Specializations)
  • Ph.D Architecture

Our suite of education programs – B.Ed, M.Ed, and Ed.D / Ph.D – offers comprehensive training and research opportunities for aspiring educators and scholars. Designed to cultivate expertise in pedagogy, curriculum development, and educational leadership, our programs empower students to make meaningful contributions to the field of education. Through the GAU learning experience, students gain insights into diverse educational contexts and develop innovative solutions to address contemporary challenges in teaching and learning.

  • B.Ed (Top-Up)
  • M.Ed
  • Ph.D