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GAU Travels

We render an accurate and timely visa services, for every category of travel needs of students, tourists, events, trainings, employment, families, investors, migrants for legitimate purposes and employees/employers.

Travel and visa needs for individual students, businessmen, tourists, employment and others have their peculiarities and require experienced hands for the required professional assistance.
Our employment visa processes are for candidates qualified to work with Gulf American University and/or partner organizations, with confirmed jobs and residency quotas, across UAE and other countries.
We can assist you locally and internationally, to ensure smooth deliver and satisfaction.

International – Globally

We specialize in assisting with various types of visas into:

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • United States of America (USA)
  • Canada
  • Europe ( Schengen + )
  • Singapore/Asia
  • Australia
  • South America
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait & Other GCC Countries

Local – Dubai

As per existing and intending investors, businessmen and tourist in/to Dubai, GAU provides the entire range of Visa services, which includes:

  • 14 days visa
  • 30 days visa
  • 90 days visa
  • Employment visa + Job
  • Residence visa + NOC
  • Residence Visa + Job
  • Residence Visa For Families
  • Residence Visa For Investors
  • Domestic Visas – Maids, Nannies, Baby Sitters
  • Application for new Employment & Residency Visa
  • Cancellation of Residency Visa
  • Renewal of Residency Visa
  • Processing of Medical Check-up for Visa