Application fee                   $200 (Non-Refundable)

Administrative Fee            $800 (Non-Refundable)


Tuition varies by programme levels:

  • Bachelor Tuition
  • PGD Tuition
  • Masters Tuition
  • Doctorate/Ph.D
  • Grand Ph.D/Post-Doctoral Research
  • Executive Education Courses
  • Professional courses

Tuitions for the above also depend on the student’s choice of running the choice course by/on:

  1. By distance learning/online
  2. Full time – on any of our campuses
  3. Top-Ups
  4. Duration
  5. Normal Fast Track
  6. Executive Fast Track
  7. Student Loan or Scholarships, ETC
  8. Transfer
  9. Workshop, Seminars & Conferences
  10. Short Courses

You will be informed of the specific tuition upon your choice of course


ID Card for On-Campus Students only……(inclusive in the administrative fee)

Re-admission evaluation fee:         $ 150.00

Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee:    $ 100.00

Program Change Processing Fee:  $ 50.00

Library fee per session:                    $ 20.00

Graduation Application fee:            $ 500.00

Transcript processing fee:               $ 100.00

Exam Proctor Fee per Course (online course only)

Project/Thesis/Dissertation Fee (Doctorate’s Program)

Please Note:

  • Every student is required to pay the sum of $800 (once), upon arrival to cover Admin, ID Card and other services.
  • Tuition could be higher, due to the cost of some certain courses.
  • Some of the courses will be run by our partner University in the same or different location/country and may be higher or lesser in tuition rate depending on the programme.
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