Trainee & Volunteer Policy 

Gulf American University (GAU) operates with the global understanding of who a trainee is in an organization. A trainee is “a person undergoing training for a particular job or profession”. Hence the following examples:

  • A management trainee is “a person who is being trained to be a manager in a company or organization”. 
  • A marketing trainee is a person who supports a senior marketing or any employee, for the purpose (of the trainee) learning the necessary skills to become a future marketing executive. 
  • A teacher trainee is student teacher who practice teaching at a university training school and is supervised by mentors and tutors. 
  • A volunteer is a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. 
  • Trainees & Volunteers are not staff. By the globally accepted understanding above, they may volunteer to serve (learn by carrying out assigned roles) subject to management approval and acceptability to join GAU.

Gulf American University (GAU) is open to candidates in the following:

  • Academic Trainee or Volunteer
  • Marketing Trainee or Volunteer
  • Faculty Trainee or Volunteer
  • Other Training and Volunteer Opportunities

Should a candidate apply & be accepted as trainee & serve well, he/she may request training letter or certificate for purpose of getting paid-job in other organizations in the future. GAU may also choose to employ them into becoming staff, if it is proven by assessment that they have served satisfactorily well, and subject to vacant positions & other factors. 

The Following are part of the policy/terms of serving as a Trainee or Volunteer in Gulf American University (GAU):

Status: Trainee (specific areas will be mentioned in the trainee engagement letter) 

Location: If virtual or non-virtual, will be mentioned in the above letter, & exact location (subject to change)

Duration: 3 to 24 Months & extendable. (It should not be mistaken as employment, if written as 1 – 2 years in the above letter,). A trainee or volunteer in GAU is not a staff and cannot have terms of employment, benefits & salaries. 

Roles: Will be mentioned in the letter.

Serving days: Saturday to Sunday (Friday is off). 9am – 6pm

Duties: Breakdown of activities to learn from by participation will be mentioned in the letter


  • Allowance – AED1,000 per month (for effective handling of delegated activities). Note: This should not be mistaken for salary. Trainee or Volunteer is not staff. Payment is made in AED only.  Any currency prefix, like $, BGP, Euro etc (other than AED) which may be mentioned in trainees’ letter before the 1000 is considered a typo-error and not binding in Gulf American University (GAU).       

Allowance payment slip may be signed before collection of allowance; does not constitute staff status. 

  • Training & re-training for professional development.                                                 
  • Int’l Travel Opportunities (if having own UAE Residence). Travel may be required with a short notice.
  • Optional International Certificate (upon successful training)

Trainee may also earn:

  • Earn $100 from each student followed up & successfully registered. 
  • Earn 5% commission from profit of any extra project delegated to you.
  • Share from 10% commissionof a team/group projects handled by group you are delegated to handle.


  1. Trainee or Volunteer is expected to be punctual, transparent and committed as much as possible.
  2. This service has no link or interference with your past/previous business dealings with GAU or staff/partner/associate. 
  3. Notify GAU 1 month ahead of your leaving; do a smooth handing over and get clearance before leaving, to avoid legal issues.
  4. You will be furnished with rules and regulations of GAU and more, from time to time.
  5. Please abide by UAE laws and be a good representation of GAU and your nationality. 

Terms of engagement:

  1. GAU reserves the right to train the trainee as much as possible and in various areas.
  2. Trainee may be deployed to serve with partner organizations of GAU, any time.
  3. Trainee may be on own Residence Visa or any other by his/her choice.
  4. GAU may suspend, disengage/terminate trainee without prior notice. Suspension is same with termination. 
  5. GAU is not under any compulsion to provide Residence Visa for trainees, as trainees are not staff. Should GAU decide to assist the trainee with Work Permit/Residence Visa, it will be by GAU volition & not legally binding on GAU. However, GAU may decide to employ the trainee on new terms, during/after the Employment Visa process.

This is part of the comprehensive (written/unwritten, published/unpublished) policy & supersedes the content of any letter of engagement, discussion with any staff, partner/associate or any form of communication entered into with trainee relating to this.

GAU legal unit advises trainees to keep strictly by these terms; be carefully self-advised & ensure a smooth entry & exit. 

Good luck to all intending & existing trainees in various locations.

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