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 Gulf American University (GAU) is a recognized part of credibly Accredited Universities and professional bodies, with Campuses across USA, S/America, UK, Europe & Asia.

As a global University legally licensed as a free zone in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), we deliver trainings for our University Group, with degrees validated from USA.


Gulf American University (GAU) is a recognized Affiliate of West Coast University (WCU), incorporated in the Republic of Panama, Central America, under clause 19 of Law 32 of 1927 of Panamanian law, as a Global University which offers academic and professional courses in Higher Education through accredited Distance Education Methodologies West Coast University as a Global University offers academic and vocational degree programs internationally. WCU has been granted International Accreditations conveying full authority to WCU to grant Certificates, Diplomas, Higher Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Master and Doctorate degrees as an Autonomous Institution.

WCU is present globally through its affiliates and study centers in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Spain , Ukraine, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, South Africa, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Costa Rica and Peru. WCU is also incorporated in Costa Rica and its international coordinating centre is registered in Delaware – United States as West Coast University corporation-LLC

Trainings provided by GAU are recognized and accepted by WCU for award of Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates and Post-Docs.

Gulf American University (GAU) is recognized by Medical Career Academy (MCA), UK to train students through her Blended Learning System (BLS).

BLS at MCA means that students learn both from traditional activities in the training room and from technology-based programs and instruction at MCA foreign partner universities in Europe, Asia or South America. Trainings take place during summer with rigorous academic activities for the duration of course.

Gulf American University trains participants in UAE, after which they can join MCA partner Universities abroad, where they will be accepted to complete their studies and earn Degrees, Masters and Doctorates in different fields.

Gulf American University (GAU) has more recognition and partnership with world class bodies and distinctive universities. These selected institutions are accredited with Premier status by recognized accreditation bodies. Some of our partner institutions are State and nationally accredited by their countries’ Ministry or Department of Education and listed by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the only body of the UN. with a specific mandate in higher education.

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