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International Student

We welcome international students to tap into the pool of knowledge; studying in our institutions in various locations in UAE, UK and around the globe.

International students must meet up all requirements noted in the General Admission Requirements, and the following:

  •  Scanned copies of international passport
  • Police Character Report (may be required)
  • Health Travel Insurance (may be required)
  • A High School Result completed where instruction is conducted in English or translated into English.
  • Certificate of medical fitness from a recognized medical centre or government hospital.
  • Any International students may be asked to sit for English test upon arrival.


All Documents must be presented in English. Documents not in English must be translated into English and evaluated by an appropriate third party or a trained transcript evaluator fluent in the language of the document.

Equal Rights Policy: We have no racial, sexual criticism, favouritism or preference. All students have equal rights.

Additional Documentation: You will be informed if other documents are required from students of your country.

Visa For Full Time International Students:

  • International students may be required to apply and get visa before flying over.
  • Supporting documents will be issued to (where/when necessary) to aid visa processing
  • We may refer you to any of our Representatives in your region or country to assist you (if necessary).


Distance Learning Students:

  • Distance learning students may be required to submit a notarized data page copy of their international passport.