This title is conferred upon individuals who have either:

  • Done outstanding academic work.
  • Promoted research at the University.
  • Serve as outstanding national leaders.
  • Made great impact to humanity.
  • Successfully transformed professional practices.
  • Or recommended/nominated for related reasons.

Honorary doctorate is a high-level academic recognition granted by a university to a recipient without completion of the normal academic requirements for that degree.

The title of honorary doctor, doctor honoris causa, may be conferred upon academics, primarily from abroad, who have established ties with the university’s academic researchers or other individuals who have not taken a doctorate through academic studies but should clearly be inducted into the research community. The policies or guidelines directing the practice regarding what achievements should be honored depending on the awarding institution.

However, different rules apply from institution to institution and in most cases, it is always the faculties that confer honorary doctorates, not the vice-chancellor or the university management. It also depends on the size of the country of award.

Gulf American University (GAU) coordinates this on behalf/partnership with awarding bodies; where is it processed and awarded from Panama/USA.

At GAU it is coordinated by the research team and welcomes nomination annually from around the world for consideration and approval to eligible candidates.

To nominate, download by clicking the GAU Nomination Form, complete and send to:

[email protected]

Gulf American University

Dubai Office

+971 4 387 3576

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