Financial Policy

GAU stands with the understanding that financial policy relates to the regulation, supervision, and oversight of the
financial and payment systems.
Below is part of GAU’s financial policy; predicated on & in line with our passion & drive, with a simple approach
to transacting:

  • Every student, (“trainee” by definition), agent, parent, guardian, and any concerned person with payments to
    GAU as per our policy and/or with our IV/admission letter for study is required and/or ought to have
    clarified every necessary information about our methods, policies as regards to transactions before
    enrolment into any of our programmes.
  • Method of requesting, collecting/receiving payment from trainees, parents, partners, customers, clients,
    investors, or any stakeholder is a sole prerogative of GAU, and anyone doing business or studying with us
    must abide by it, unless otherwise directed by GAU.
  • Payment for fees of international trainees are to be made in GAU (Dubai Office), by cash.
  • Payment by trainees in UAE are to be made by cash.
  • GAU does not receive payment by/from scholarship students by wire/bank transfer. Scholarship students are
    to pay by cash on arrival, unless otherwise directed by GAU.
  • GAU decides how a payment should be made and not under any compulsion to provide account details to
  • Account details facilitates businesses and ease of payment, but has no bearing with the recognition,
    authenticity or integrity of any organization or institution. Organizations may decide to have a bank account
    or PayPal account or other forms of account, at its sole discretion. No organization is mandated by UAE
    government to have a running account before/during operation.
  • GAU like any other organization may decide to direct payer to pay/transfer money to/through a
    “corresponding account” in or outside UAE, notwithstanding its account name. The prospective payer is
    required to honor the invoice, as a directive from GAU, pay and receive payment receipt from GAU upon
    confirmation of payment.
  • Trainees are to keep to the terms of agreement between them and GAU (either verbal or written).
  • In the event of failure of prospective payer or trainee to pay after receiving up to 3 payment reminders, GAU
    may decide to suspend the study of such, and/or take legal action against him/her.
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