Ekundayo-Entreprofitology, The Study Of Successful Entrepreneurship

A successful entrepreneurial journey is a lonely, tedious, but interesting path, if done the right way or guided by a business coach or expert who can share a wealth of experience from either the ugly, bad, good or excellent side of it.

This was culled from an article titled “Entreprofitology” by a  seasoned and practicing entrepreneur, consulting in strategies for startups and sustainable business across international boundaries, Mr. Tosin Ekundayo.

Mr. Ekundayo, in the article, explained “Entreprofitology” as  the  combination of three everyday words Entre-Profit-Logy. Entre is shortened for Entrepreneurship, Profit refers to business success or a successful turnout after a business or transaction, and Logy,  an ancient Greek word, which means “study of”  and the integration of all three words produces Entreprofitology, which is then defined as the study of profitable entrepreneurship. He said that the world is an integration of continents as continent is an integration of countries. So, a country is a territorial representation of production, consumption, and transfer of wealth of a group of people over a period of time and if Entrepreneurs simulate this individual economy, then they will arrive at what is generally referred to as world economy. Ekundayo further said Entreprofitology is a new series that is coined to understand the details of being a successful entrepreneur in a time where failure is rampant and most are clueless as to which formula works or which factor of production to focus on for successes or even break-even,  adding that it is thus very inclusive to say that a growing people signify growing businesses and a growing economy as Entrepreneurs are major, if not the only resources that can grow the economy of any country. He added that the current situation of the economy is a function of our individual contribution as continent, countries and individuals. If the economy is crashing or melting down, then everyone will sync in the same direction and vice versa, adding that there is a need to be aware that in the “melting down” lies numerous an opportunity as well as risks to match. Thus, the need for entrepreneurs.   Source >> https://sundiatapost.com/2018/12/11/ekundayo-entreprofitology-the-study-of-successful-entrepreneurship/

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